What is MEL? The Memorialization for Enslaved Laborers aims to educate the general student body about UVa’s early past — namely, its reliance on the institution of slavery — and how this history has colored this college’s past, present, and future. Through outreach and awareness initiatives, MEL hopes that every UVa student will learn about the enslaved men, women, and children who built the lawn, the role Thomas Jefferson played in this narrative, and the larger societal roles fulfilled by enslaved individuals leading up to the Civil War.

MEL is founded on the principles of honesty, truth-seeking, and openness. We believe that education is the key to positive change. Once the University community finally addresses and acknowledges this history, we will be able to form a stronger and more united community.

How can I join? Everyone is welcome. E-mail aeb3sj@virginia.edu for more information!


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